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Tensile force regulatory
Eddy Current Break

Automatic Tensile Force Control

The peculiarity of the eddy current brake is the fact that their braking force increases with increasing relative speed

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Hysteresis Break

For constant braking forces

The hysteresis break also effects a standstill
Braking force, which enables them to holding brake

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Flat Gripper with
threaded spigot

Make daily work easier

With high safety and without wear holding magnets serve
assembly, fastening, fixing and transportation

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Special designs
Rotors with
skewed magnets

Individual products tailored to your needs

beginning with the conception to the
sub-assembly to the engineers servicing

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Filter rods

Magnetic cleaning

To clean bulk material from nails or wire pieces a grid built of magnetic rods could be sufficient.

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Complete magnet shapes and materials

Proven know-how and product flexibility enable to adapt constructions and materials ideally to specific applications.



The peculiarity of the hysteresis is that it also causes a braking force at a standstill, making it suitable for a holding brake. »»»


T.I.I.E. 2016 Tehran:

We present ourselves in 2016 on october 5th to 8th at German Pavilion on T.I.I.E. 2016. Booth number 3830

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Solids 2015 Dortmund:

We present ourselves in 2015 on november 4th and 5th on the bulk material and recycling 2015 Dortmund, Stand P 02-6.

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Symas 2015 Krakow:

We present ourselves in 2015 on October 6 and 7 on international Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies



Solids 2015 Basel:

We present ourselves in 2015 on may 6 and 7 on the bulk material and recycling 2015 Basel, Stand D 16

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